Are you a team leader or a manager who handles a group of individuals with different personalities and skills? At some point in your life, you’ll benefit from executive coaching to guide you in proper management and develop your leadership skills. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are the things you need to learn about executive coaching services:

Executive Coaching Bangkok

What Does an Executive Coach do?
I am, Coach Michael, and I am an executive coach- a professional who helps both executives and high-potential employees develop their goals, unlock their potentials, and continue with their development. Unlike therapists and consultants, we do not solve your problems directly. Instead, we ask questions, clarify your ideas, and guide your thoughts so that you can come up with the right solutions to your concerns.
Should You Hire an Executive Coach?
There are a lot of reasons to hire one, but there are also reasons not to. If you are described in one of these, an executive coach is not what you need.
  • Don’t hire an executive coach if you are not interested in getting feedback, or you are not open to changes in your management systems.
  • Don’t hire an executive coach if you are looking for someone to give you exact solutions to your problems or need business consulting of some sort.
  • Don’t hire an executive coach if you can’t justify the expense of coaching.
  • Don’t hire an executive coach knowing that it’s your last token attempt to fix a failing executive who is already on their way out the door.  
Where Does Executive Coaching Happen?
Face to face coaching is ideal for better communication between the coach and the executives. But with the presence of the internet and smartphones, executive coaching becomes more common virtually through video chats and phone calls. This is especially helpful today when the Coronavirus pandemic is causing restricted interactions.
Since I travel between Thailand, The Netherland, and the US, the best way to start a conversation about my coaching service is by email. All life coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching, and health and wellness coaching sessions are conducted on (VIOP), such as FaceTime or Skype or Telephone.
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