From Capturing Moments to Shaping Narratives

From my early days as a high school photographer I captured precious moments. I then transitioned to an international lecture agent showcasing storytelling of influential stakeholders. As of the present moment, I evolved into an ICF Master Certified Coach shaping my client’s authentic stories, of their lives since my life has been uncovering the power of the narrative.

At the core of mastery in coaching is understanding each person’s purpose or 'Why.' Each 'Why' forms the basis of the client's personal narrative, their unique motivation, the driving force behind their actions, aspirations, and life goals. It is about diving beneath the surface to uncover their intrinsic motivations, drives and providing a clear vision of their path. As a Master Coach, it is pivotal for me to help my clients to unearth their “Why,” align it with their actions, exhuming a sense of purpose and meaning into their lives and pursuits.

Michael Pomije, MCC
I place my client in the center, of my universe, I focus totally on their needs, wants, concerns as I focus on who they are and what I can do to support them to become the author of their situation. I stay fully present in each moment shared with them, believing in their wisdom, their creativity, and their capacity to shift from recipient to the one who causes results.

It was in this transformational journey that I realized that life was not just about capturing moments, but more profoundly, about shaping narratives—the narratives of my life, my journey, and my triumphs so I could support my clients in their triumphant life stories.

Michael and Dr Cherie

Inside as well as outside the coaching arena, Michael is part of an inseparable duo with his life partner of over 30 years, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC.

Together, they offer a harmonious blend of knowledge, experience, and mastery to their MMS TECC Coach Training programs; they both proudly carry the revered status of ICF Master Certified Coach.

Their shared mission is to provide guidance, educate, and empower their students, diving deeply into the intricate layers of the International Coaching Federation’s Levels 1, 2, and 3. With the focused exploration of Core Competencies, ACC BARS, PCC Markers, and MCC BARS, Michael and Dr. Chérie usher their students through the intricate maze of coaching mindset, framework, tools, and techniques. Their teachings touch on essential leadership roles, the delicate equilibrium of work-life balance, and the development of a high-performance growth mindset, all aimed at generating robust confidence in MMS-trained coaches.

This dynamic duo’s coaching philosophy is student-centered, customizing individualized pathways that produce the desired results. The harmony they’ve nurtured and developed over three + decades of marriage is mirrored in their professional partnership, forming a strong foundation for their collaborative coaching credo.

Their distinctive bond, deeply rooted in trust, collaboration, and mutual respect, is the essence of their cornerstone belief, “Living Life as a Coach.” In every interaction, they strive to foster meaningful and satisfying connections, truly embodying the transformational power of coaching.

We welcome you to your TECC coaching journey!


In our “Executive Coaching”, we will form an alliance, a partnership together to bring out your executive brilliance that drives who you want to be to accomplish your most vital and critical goals.



This coaching process is client-focused centered to help the client to create a set of action steps that bring positive change to their life.



H-P Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own high performance. It is about raising awareness and responsibility to work primarily with people who are already performing well and are looking to significantly elevate their performance.



Relationship coaching works best for couples who are facing issues with their relationship. It helps bring back positive emotions through a unique ‘relationship repair’ approach.



This coaching process guides you on your preferred journey to inner peace, harmony, and happiness by helping you find the tools you need to live a healthier and happier life.


If you need a coaching expert to help you deal with the different aspects of your life, you can count on Coach Michael.