Michael Pomije is a great person, a dedicated professional Executive Coach. He is intelligent, responsible and detail orientated. Michael cares about others, he is easy to approach, responds quickly to others queries, issues and to their asking for help. During my chemistry session with Michael, I felt I was understood and supported by him, there was a safe atmosphere that allowed me to fully express myself, my needs and my wishes.

Michael is encouraging, he asks the right questions at the right time. He never puts himself in the spotlight, but gives the space to others and does his best to make others successful. I was amazed by his detailed input and comments in the assessment form sent back to me within 24 hours for one of my mentoring coaching session that I had approached him.

Michael brings light and hope to others. When you have an unfulfilled wish, or a problem needs to be solved, reach out to Michael, the reliable helping hand. He will be there for you.