A 40-year-old Asian female who has been a business consultant and artist for 15 years. Her objective – “I want to stop feeling guilty when I receive presents from others.”

Issue: The Law of Attraction that keeps on giving – In my client’s life she has always been the recipient of presents, rewards, grants, contributions, donations, and endowments from others. Client continues to attract these items from family, friends and colleagues.

Desired Outcome: Change my old belief system about feeling “guilty” with a positive reframe!

Process: After we engaged the session, I asked the client some discovery questions about her feelings around guilty, how long it had been present, what was the source behind it and have you ever received a present without feeling guilty?

Having the client share her inside out process helped me identify her underlying concerns. None of her “givers” ever knew the client’s true feelings around receiving these presents. I asked her, “how does it feel to receive all these presents? “I feel guilty!”

The session had gone on for an hour and I recapped her session and I asked her what she would like to do with guilty? The client closed her eyes as she readjusted her posture, I notice a shift in her energy. She received a clear message about replacing “guilty” with it’s a “gift.” Sounds simple enough, as the client’s tears ran down her face because the clarity of this WOW moment, she came up with her answer.

Solution: It was clear that the client saw this insight that was useful and meaningful as she made the choice to change her belief.

Reflection: Client created four empowering words that would stand as her pillars.

Mindful, Awareness, Appreciation, Thank you = “Gift”