What a gift it was to be coached by Michael.

Now that the busyness of setting up my business legally is coming to an end, I am able to step back and process more fully how grateful I am for following that call to coach with you.

It is very early days for me and I still have so much to learn as a coach. What is already crystal clear is that the MMS coaching method is exactly how I want to work. The Transformational Life Coaching book sits at my desk and is fast becoming my bible. It guides my creativity and leadership coaching.

Meanwhile, I have taken my training as a yoga teacher, practice in the martial arts, and other trainings in movement in another direction. I no longer felt called to teach regular classes and now offer my clients Somatic Coaching, which combines stillness, movement, and awareness practices.

My biggest edge has been trusting that this will work. Logistically, while the set up took time it was also pain free. The website was straightforward and starting with my first clients has been exciting. I feel at home in my work for the first time and I have to remember to trust the flow and process of this unfolding, as it should.

Thank you Michael for coaching me!