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Reach Your Fitness Goal with a Health and Wellness Coach

When I was 10 years old, my mother and her friends invited me to accompany them to the high school stadium in our neighborhood to “walk the track” and do light calisthenics. I was mildly shocked that I was the only kid included in this “ladies” group. I was sworn to secrecy because in those days women didn’t exercise since it was not considered ladylike.

I liked hanging out with mom and the other women. I was interested in listening to their stories about their families, their marriages, and their weight loss issues. I also liked feeling my strength, capability, as I perceived invincibility at such a young age. Both experiences planted seeds in me for the rest of my life. If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything!

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, nor does it matter how powerful you become. If you don’t have your health you’re missing the most important thing in life!

Coaching for health and wellness is not telling you what to do; it’s giving you a choice to examine and change your present behaviors and beliefs.

In our health and wellness coaching session, I will help you make better choices that fit your preferred lifestyle. This coaching process is to make long-lasting healthy lifestyle choices and changes, not to provide quick fixes.

Are you able to follow through an exercise fitness program and get the result you seek? If the answer is maybe “sometimes”, you might want to consider a complementary chemistry coaching session with Coach Michael (CCCS).

Schedule an appointment with Coach Michael and give yourself a treat by finding the right balance in your life.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching with Michael. He and I worked well together to find my authentic self and become a better person I want to be. He chauffeured me to help find my own answers. I had powerful insights about my knowing my next steps in life. It has been very valuable to me to have Michael as a coach.

Thank you for your support!”


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