Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching can improve communication, develop better strategies, create a more loving connection, more authenticity or increase intimacy. As a relationship coach, I can help you create a successful relationship with your other half. You can work one-on-one with me or in conjunction with your partner.

Partnership Coaching

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Coach Michael have been romantically linked and married for over three decades. They live an authentic life together. Follow their ten rules for a healthy and loving relationship.

Resource Book: If Love Is A Game, These Are the Rules, Ten Rules for Finding Love and Creating Long-Lasting Authentic Relationships authored by Dr. Chérie Carter‑Scott, MCC as a result of being in relationship with Michael A. Pomije, MCC

Dr. Chérie was a friend, then my mentor, then my soul-mate, and finally I asked her to marry me. Romantic? Yes. With challenges…Absolutely!

When Dr. Chérie and I completed this amazing book that is all about love, I had no idea that she would dedicate it to me. The two of us have been on a journey, initially separately, and then for the past three decades together. When we finally found each other, we decided that we wanted to support other couples to bring their love light into the world. The world doesn’t need more anger, sadness, and divisiveness…we believe that the world needs more harmony, joy, and unity. That is what we stand for as a couple, and help our “couple clients” do exactly that through tolerance, respect, judgment-free interactions, resolving differences, humor in dealing with subpersonalities, and creating win-win solutions.

We will coach you in creating an authentic relationship that fits your vision of a partnership or a marriage.


What do you ideally want?


What’s in the way?


What are the challenges?


What are the qualities you seek in a partner?


What support do you need?

If Love is a Game
Michael Pomije and Dr Cherie

“Doing my MMS Coach Training, my life has changed for the best! Part of my success was because of my coaching sessions with Michael Pomije. In my sessions, had the opportunity to transform my relationship to the most important person in my life, myself, and it has allowed me to enhance all relationships around me and further empower the lives of others. Opportunities open up and joy is found as I learn to manifest the life I desire.

Thank you Coach Michael for all your coaching!”

Michelle Mueller Ihrig

Michelle Mueller Ihrig, ACC

What is Authentic Love?

Authentic love is choosing your partner exactly as he is; it is putting your energy behind your choice and causing the relationship to be magical, rather than searching for reasons why it can’t work. Love is supporting your partner in her choices, urging her to fulfill her heart’s desires and go for all of her dreams.

Authentic love is honoring your partner’s truth and wanting the very best for him. It is not controlling or possessing but rather respecting and trusting his unique path in life. Love is the courage to tell the truth especially when you believe it is unspeakable.

Relationship coaching will help you find the missing pieces in your relationship. It will help you and your partner to evolve in your respective paths and grow as one. Much like the diamond used symbolically to represent the bond of matrimony, relationship coaching can help your relationship to sparkle with brilliance and light while maintaining a solid and enduring core. It is the context in which true love was meant to exist.

Schedule an appointment with Coach Michael and give yourself a treat by finding the right balance in your life.