COACH: As a Life Coach, Michael has clearly developed a breadth & depth of professional knowledge combined with hands on experience that makes it easy for “Me” to connect & establish a ‘Coaching bubble/safe space to work within’ – a great listener who asks timely, intelligent, provoking questions to help, “Me” find my own answers and deeper, inner truths & ultimately achieve my desired outcomes.

FACILITATOR: “Michael is an excellent, experienced facilitator who guides the students through the material in a way that makes it easy to understand & fun to learn. He consistently maintains a very high standard and focus on ensuring the students get the best possible results”

MENTOR: “Michael has an innate mentoring ability to share his considerable experience and guide, “Me” the Client towards achieving my desired outcome(s) & has sensitively ‘challenged’ me to dig deeper and venture into unexplored territory to find the ‘gold nuggets’ of learning that make all the difference!”