The corona virus pandemic (Covid 19) has posed significant threats in all the aspects of our life- economy, finances, socializing, and even our physical and mental well-being. Give yourself credit as you manage to live amid all these uncontrollable conditions lurking in every corner of the world. Let us give you some helpful tips on how you can cope with the challenges brought by this pandemic.
  • Set A Positive Mindset
Anxiety and the fear of the presence of COVID 19 are normal, but you should know how to manage it. Letting it control, you will only make things worse. Don’t panic, and do the things that you need to do to be safe. This includes washing hands and staying at home as much as possible.
  • Dealing with Uncertainties
Turn your attention to other worthwhile things than overthinking. Talk with your families, do your hobbies, talk to people who know your condition, and gain support. If everything seems a little out of control, and you may need a professional coach to hear you, many life coaches offer online services.
  • Encourage Open Communication
Take time to listen to your family’s fear and help them feel better. Each of you in the house is handling a different level of distress you may not know. Encourage open communication and reassure the young and elderly that there is always someone in the house that’s willing to listen to what they feel.
Having a Rough Moment?
A lot of people find their comfort in their friends or some places that make them at ease. But since the pandemic is giving us no choice but to stay inside the vicinity of the house, many people are having a hard time. If you feel you can’t keep going, know that you have someone you can call on situations like this. Coach Michael is will be very much happy to listen to what you have to say. Contact now!