Company is a world leading financial sector organisation The company is renowned for its talent development at all levels Coaching with a third-party had rarely been used for maximising the development of high potential managers. There was nervousness and a degree of scepticism about adopting coaching – healthy concerns that needed to be addressed before progressing. It was decided by the organisation and the individual client that the coaching process and the senior level international experience of the coach was a valuable additional investment to complement internal processes.

Coaching Approach:

Established the personal credibility and chemistry between client and coach. Identified five key success criteria for the coaching process, which were reviewed regularly Implemented 360-degree assessment to develop realistic short and long term goals . At the half way stage provided the client with a critical review of their sources of success to date but also the key challenges for the future. Over a one year period the executive identified and began to develop a leadership style which would enable them to move onto yet more senior levels, avoiding the derailment that so many high potentials experience.


Executive successfully passes the organisations senior level assessment centre. Executive addresses for the first time the potential derailment factors in their leadership style. Executive continues to deliver excellent results and demonstrates a capability and confidence for more senior and complex responsibilities in the future. A high potential and very marketable executive who appreciates the investment by the organisation in their professional and personal development and who continues to develop their career within the organisation.[;

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