Stress Management: How to Cope with Stress?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. When are you stressed?
  2. Where are you stressed?
  3. Around whom are you stressed?
  4. What are the conditions that cause you the most amount of stress?

Once you answer these questions, you can start to manage the stress in your life, whether personal, at work, or with other people.

Stress is the opposite of balance. When you are in balance, physical balance, emotional balance, financial balance, spiritual balance, then you can experience the beauty of living in the moment. When you become stressed, you lose your homeostasis or equilibrium and you have a need to re-find your balance. Your balance is your natural state. When you find your balance, you can be in tune with your own natural harmony and that of the universe. Balance is a note that resonates with you. It is the sound of your breathing, the sound of the waves, the sound of your heartbeat.

Stress management becomes easy when you discover your rhythm, you will be attuned to your natural rhythm and you will be more peaceful within yourself.