The Coaching Code: About The Book

I have co-authored the “Coaching Code” with the other elite Coaches.

Coaching seems to have become the “new” rage in a world where more and more people are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives. Coaching, however is not a new profession. In The Coaching Code you’ll hear from some of the worlds Top Professional Coaches, with a combined experience of almost 200 years, in all areas of Coaching, Life, Relationship, Executive and Business, share how they built their practices for the long term. Inspiring, informative and a serious look at how you can build your own sustainable and successful practice.

“This isn’t a book about quick web tricks and sales funnels that might seem like they’re working. I was truly impressed with the depth of the expertise and wisdom shared by these amazing Coaching Professionals. If you’re a Coach or thinking of becoming one, this is the one book you should read first.” – Betsy Chasse Award winning filmmaker (What The Bleep Do We Know?!) and best selling author of Tipping Sacred Cows.

The Authors:

  • Liza Boubari, CCht, CSMc
  • Cherie Carter-Scott Ph.D, MCC
  • Dr. Jane Cox PhD Msc; D.Emed; D.Emed(Psych)
  • Kate Gardner
  • Thomas Gelmi, Executive Coach, MGSCC
  • Kristin Grayce McGary LAc, MAc, CFMP(R) CSTcert, CLP, NCCAOM cert,
  • Sayeda Habib, PCC
  • Tim Johnson
  • Jami Keller, BS, Certified Executive Relationship Coach
  • Marla Keller, BS, Certified Executive Relationship Coach
  • Carol Koziol, MA, PCC
  • Carol Look, LCSW, EFT Master
  • Michael Pomije PCC
  • David Steele, MA, MFT, CPC
  • Lynn Stewart PCC
  • Donna R Stoneham, PhD, Integral Coach®
  • Christy Whitman, Master Law of Attraction Coach
  • Wendy L. Yost

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