Time to Reflect

We live in a world that saturates us with tasks, bombards us with stimuli, and robs us of any time to reflect. When people ask us how we are, we most often say, “Fine.” Then the moment is passed and the pat answer was delivered…no reflection took place.

When you “Reflect” you take a moment and notice what happened. You consciously pay attention to what you experienced, what you felt, what transpired, and how it affected you. When you reflect you also make choices about how you want the past to affect the future. It is in the moments of reflection that choices and changes are made. It is in those quiet moments noticing the world of the interior that illuminate the causes and effects of our overall well-being.

There are times when the world moves so fast that it is difficult to find time to reflect. Those are the rimes when it is most important to seize a moment. Whether it is a moment in the car, on the train, after a shower, or before sleep, remember that a life without reflection is destined to repeat the patterns of the past. Reflection time is important.

I noticed this morning that I wasn’t sparkling. I immediately took out my journal and wrote, “What’s On My Mind” and started the download of my subconscious thoughts onto the paper. I was amazed to notice what was just below the surface of my conscious mind. Focused on tasks and meeting deadlines, I was so focused on accomplishing the most in the little time I had, that I was ignoring the clues from my inner world. When I captured the thoughts that I was holding at bay, I could then be aware and acknowledge what was there. Only then could I actually do something about my overall scarcity of sparkles.

There isn’t always time to have a coaching session. There isn’t always time to sit and have a cup of coffee with a close friend. There isn’t always time to reflect of what has taken place that impacted me. Making time for reflection is a necessity of our times if we are to be fully aware of our actions, their impact, and our choices. Consider taking time to reflect…I did re-find my sparkles, BTW.

When would you take time to reflect?
Do you need questions to prompt you noticing what is going on?
What could you do to incorporate time for reflection into your daily life?